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At The Mohair Affair, LLC, we believe in handmade products that support collaborative and sustainable design. We deeply respect the traditional work techniques of artisans and the time it takes them to make each product by hand.

However, work is not our only concern. As a committed Artisan-Made Online Clothing Store, we go above and beyond to create strong emotional ties with the artisans we work with. We strengthen our ties with artisans through integration activities, all while helping them reach economic independence through their craft.


7821 St. Andrews Rd.
Unit 952
Irmo, SC 29063

+1 8434506148

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We Are The Mohair Affair, LLC

Founded in 2012, The Mohair Affair, LLC was born out of an inspiring journey that helped us discover a way to promote original handmade creations by indigenous artistic crafters through 21st century ecommerce.

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